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Blog > The Truth About Car Dealer’s Buyer Referral Programs

The Truth About Car Dealer’s Buyer Referral Programs

The auto industry has always been very creative when it comes to marketing and for years, car dealers we have been rewarding people for referring customers.

We do it but in a very modest fashion because we appreciate the help. However, some dealers offer a very substantial cash payment as a reward for sending buyers their way. I have seen as much as $750. We have never been that generous because that $750 has to come from someone’s pocket and of course, that someone is the buyer. It’s very simple. If I can afford to pay you $750 for sending your friend or cousin to do business with us, your friend or cousin paid $750 too much for the car or truck they just bought. I think the people you know deserve to be treated better than that.

Since 1991, we have built our base of customers by pricing our product competitively and more importantly, by taking extra good care of you before, during and after the sale. We have earned 25 Ford Motor Company President’s Awards for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction because the people that work here know how important your loyalty is to the long term success of our small town Ford dealership. This may not be the most creative way to drum up business but it’s been working pretty darn good for us for 28 years.

People from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan keep coming back to do business with us and they send their friends and family because we treat them better than any other Ford dealer.

Talk to us the next time you’re shopping for a Ford.  You will drive home happy!

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