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Blog > The Oldest Trick In The Car Dealer Trick Book

The Oldest Trick In The Car Dealer Trick Book

An Old Car Dealer Trick That You Still Need To Know About

Today, the car business is very competitive. Unfortunately, some dealers prefer to use tricks rather than great service to earn your business, so they engage in old school car selling tactics that most dealers abandoned in the 70’s.

The Low Ball Price

Some time ago, the less than honest dealer would advertise a vehicle at an unrealistically low price and when you arrived at the dealership, you were told that the advertised car was sold but another similar car was available but it was a little more money.

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) has eliminated that version of the low ball. What happens now is, you choose a car and you’re in the finance office doing the paperwork. The sales person quoted you $32,500 and you agreed to $32,500 but the bill of sale reads $33,804.90 and you say “Wait a minute!” The finance office manager explains:

2019 Ford Escape $32,500.00

Dealer documentation Fee $995.00

Tire Tax $20.00

Federal Excise Tax (air conditioning) $100.00

Nitrogen $49.95

Theft Recovery Etching $139.95

Total $33,804.90   

By this point, the buyer has already been to 5 other dealerships and she or he is tired of car shopping. An argument ensues and the dealership knocks $200 off and the customer submits and pays too much for a car.

How Does A Shopper Avoid This Nonsense?

 Of course, my advice is compare any Ford dealer’s quote with a quote from us. Make sure all factors are considered: the selling price of the vehicle including all fees, and if applicable, the cost of financing (interest rate and total interest paid), all add on products including Ford’s Extended Warranty, Ford’s Pre-Paid Maintenance plan, life and disability insurance on your finance contract, protection packages and dealer installed options.


Before you take the walk to the finance office, have the sales manager provide you with a written quote outlining exactly what you will have to pay for the car including all fees and extras. Don’t sign any paperwork until you have had the opportunity to compare pricing with another known, reputable dealer. If you have left a deposit and change your mind, the dealer is legally obligated to refund you the entire amount. If when you are signing the paperwork and any extra charges are being added, demand your deposit back and walk out. If the dealer is uncooperative, call AMVIC 780 466 1140.

The car business is truly a buyer’s market so there is absolutely no reason to ever pay too much for any new vehicle. Remember, we car dealers need you more that you need us so don’t let any dealer treat you with anything less than absolute respect.

Brian Baron, President
780 603 7752