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Krown Rust Protection

More than just rust protection.

Our promise to you

With Krown Rust Protection, we care more about people than the vehicles they drive. We radiate integrity in everything we do. Customer satisfaction is more important than profit. We are driven to help our customers save money, provide them with the best products, warranty and service in our industry. We are also committed to continue developing environmentally-friendly products that help improve the communities.

The best warranty in the business.

Krown has protected vehicles from rust since 1986 and we work hard to create the best customer experience we can. That means standing behind the best warranty in the business. Whether you have just purchased a new vehicle and want the best rust protection possible, or have been a Krown customer for years, Krown has got you covered with both our new and used vehicle warranty program.

Environmental Responsibility.

Krown contains no solvents, no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and no toxins. Krown could use more harmful yet cheaper ingredients in their product but they have chosen not to do so.  In the manufacturing process, environmentally-friendly ingredients almost always cost more than other more harmful alternatives.  Yet Krown feels that the lessened impact to our planet makes the additional expenses they incur more than worthwhile. On top of that, what if Krown could use a recycled, refined and re-cleaned product as one of their ingredients as well? That’s exactly what they do. In fact over 80% of the ingredients in the Krown product are made up of re-refined materials and additives.